2020 - What a year!
English · 30-12-2020
There were plenty of challenges but also good times which I wouldn't want to miss.
English · 27-12-2019

English · 31-12-2018
English · 15-10-2018
Summer 2018 - a pretty "cool" summer in Iceland, Greenland and Canada.

English · 02-04-2018
How do you describe an indescribable voyage? I tried anyway ...
English · 20-12-2017
When I look back on this year, I’m simply amazed and grateful, and I think 2018 is going to be exciting and adventurous as well ...

English · 31-08-2017
At the end of last year I wrote that „I’m curious to find out what adventures will be waiting for me“, and I would have loved to focus on the „adventures“ right away ... but first of all some more „waiting“ was involved. The first few months of this year were quite a test of my patience and trust ... but to make a long story short (at least for you): The adventures finally came into being after all! ☺
English · 15-12-2016
Six weeks, nine countries, three continents and 14 time zone changes ... a trip across the Atlantic is a great experience!

English · 13-07-2016
A dream comes true ...
English · 14-12-2015
Hawaii, Austria, Washington and Louisiana - these were my 2015 travel destinations ... but there was so much more going on ...

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