Take heart!


May I introduce myself? I’m Poppy. My shell is firm and tight, and even though it may seem a little prickly, it isn’t really. And hidden on the inside are wonderfully shiny petals – tender and delicate and quite sensitive. How fortunate that my shell fits so well and protects them. Well, sometimes it does get somewhat tight but I accept that. For do I know what would happen if the shell opened up? What if my petals wouldn’t fully unfold and stay creased? Could I survive in the sea of flowers all around me or would I be too nondescript, or – worse yet – too noticeable? Wind and rain could be threatening and make me wither sooner than later. Speaking of which – I don’t want to wither! I want to live!

 Yet what if the existence within my protective shell isn’t the true life after all? If true life consists of exactly that which seems so risky to me? Of opening up and unfolding, of diving deep into the sea of flowers, of exposing myself to sun, wind and rain and attaining strength and power from that? Could it really be that blossoming and sharing what truly defines me could not only mean life for myself but maybe also for others? That it may possibly one day be even worthwhile to wither? I’m not quite sure yet, but I have an inkling that it could be true. And in all honesty, it does get quite tight in my shell. It doesn’t feel very alive in here anymore.

And then I hear this soft voice whispering “Take heart!”. “Be courageous!”, “Take heart!” Over and over again. Taking courage seems the only way to discover the truth. “Take heart!”  And then, heart beating, I decide I want to take the risk. Ever so slowly and cautiously do I split my shell open … and am curious about the life that lies ahead of me!